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Sports are an excellent way for people of all ages to stay physically engaged through an activity they enjoy. However, before you or your child starts playing a sport, a physical exam is needed to ensure your body can handle the athletic stress. Before practice starts, schedule a sports physical exam with Michael T. Lin, MD, and the team at Fauquier Family Practice, PLC, in Warrenton, Virginia. Call the office or schedule the sports physical exam online today.

Sports Physical Exams Q & A

What are sports physical exams?

Sports physical exams are a tool sports organizations use to ensure their athletes are fit enough for their chosen sport. By meeting with a medical expert before starting the sport, the athlete gets protections for any areas that could present a problem as they play. For example, asthma can be diagnosed during a sports physical. This doesn’t mean the athlete can’t play their sport. Instead, it ensures they have the medication needed to breathe properly as they play. 

Even if you or your child is playing a sport for an organization that doesn’t require a physical before the start of the season, these exams can still serve you. Scheduling one ensures the body is protected against the potential challenges that could arise during practice or games. 

What happens during sports physical exams?

A sports physical is a fairly straightforward process. During the evaluation, your Fauquier Family Practice team asks you or your child about your family health history and any personal health challenges. 

Then, they perform a physical exam, listening to the heart and lungs, checking joints, and more. In some cases, the exam might include a brief period of exercise so your Fauquier Family Practice provider can see how your cardiovascular system performs under this increased stress. 

Who should get sports physical exams?

If your son or daughter is playing a sport through their school or a club, their sports physical will likely be required. Sports organizations use these physicals to ensure their athletes can play the sport without any problems that could threaten their health and well-being. 

But sports physicals aren’t just for kids and teens. If you play a sport as an adult — whether at a professional level or you occasionally join a pickup game with friends — consider a sports physical exam. This is an ideal opportunity to ensure your sport isn’t taking a toll on your body. What’s more, if it is, you can work with your Fauquier Family Practice provider to put safeguards in place to keep you healthy, like a brace for a troubled joint or a quick-relief inhaler for sports-induced asthma. 

For more information about sports physical exams or to schedule one for you or your child, call Fauquier Family Practice or book it online today.